About Us

Barbara’s Professional Cleaning Services, Inc. has been a specialty custom home cleaning company for overnearly 30 years, licensed with the state of California as a Professional Cleaning Contractor. We have learned a great deal of knowledge and expertise of cleaning and detailing new and lived-in homes for our customers. When homes have been under construction for months to years our crew has the honor to be a part of the transition to deliver the final product to the homeowner. Once a job is completed, the owners can see their million-dollar view, the grains of their wood, granules of their stone, and their metals that glisten with brilliance.

If you own a home with new natural stones, metals, and wood they may be unfamiliar to clean. The care and maintenance of each home is very important, and by using your everyday grocery store cleaning products this will etch, stain, and ruin your natural finishes so very easily.

Barbara’s Professional Cleaning Services, Inc. offers you Professional Care, Home Maintenance, and Protection for your cleaning needs with the comfort of your current staff. Barbara Wynn Consulting (owner of Barbara Reed Pro Cleaning INC) shares with you years and years of her knowledge and research with her extensive field experience in the Custom Home Business. tried as well as proven cleaning services and cleaning products, which gently cleanse and disinfect efficiently with absolutely no harm to your investments.


What We Offer

Caring for your home: “Defining the Art of Home Maintenance:”
From the finest home furnishing, to the sidewalks out side your home, we are skilled in many aspects to help you keep your investment in the best condition ever. We include training in the use of the correct cleaning products and proper tools required for the job. You can achieve professional quality care and protection with your current staff using our safe and efficient products.

Cleaning instructions are available in both English and Spanish.

Barbara’s professional attention to your home will insure proper care and protection for your stone, metals, and glass.

We clean those hard to reach areas such as; windows, beams, ceilings, the finest chandeliers and sconces.  We do it all!