Professional House Cleaning
and Training

Defining the Art of Home Maintenance

Over 30 years we have worked on the finest homes in the county, we now offer these services to homeowners, who understand the value of maintaining their home,

Barbara is as concerned about maintaining the beauty of home as you are. She offers her clients a full line of the latest cleaning technologies that are proven and safe

Proper product usage is essential to home maintenance. We offer training in products usage and successful cleaning methods to the homeowner and their staff.

Barbara Reed’s Professional Services uses the latest cleaning technologies to bring your home back to it’s original brilliance and freshness. Our highly skilled workers approach each job with care and knowledge.

Cleaning Services

Hard to reach areas is our specialty:
We offer to clean the areas in your home and property that your staff has not been able to reach or have time for. Such as:
  • Windows, Screens, and Skylights
  • Pressure washing of all hardscape, pool areas, patios, patios covers, driveways, roofs, and gutters cleaned, and a gentle wash of the homes exterior.
  • Custom woodwork
  • Baseboards and wainscotings
  • Beams
  • Light wells Outdoor lighting and bulbs replaced if necessary
  • Chandeliers and Fans

A deep cleaning of all hard floors, Tile, Marble, Porcelain, Terra Cotta, Terrazzo, Tile, Travertine, and All Other Natural Stones.

Outdoor kitchen and patios cleaned, stainless steel deep cleaned (rust removed if possible) follow with a protective coating.
Professional Carpet Cleaning: All carpets will be free of all removable stains.

Bathrooms - shower, bath fixtures cleaned, hard water stains removed, and glass restored, following with a protecting seal. Stone restored (if needed) polished and sealed. Stains removed from inside dwarves.

Kitchens - all surfaces (stainless steel, glass, stone and wood) cleaned polished and protected; cabinets deep cleaned degreased and conditioned.
All appliances deep cleaned including all sinks and countertops.

Stone Care - Granite and marble cleaned and protected to eliminate corrosion, oxidation, and staining.

All Cleaning Supplies and Equipment will be provided by Barbara Reed Professional Cleaning Services, Inc. unless client requests that their products/supplies are to be used.

All company cleaning supplies and equipment will be used safely, and properly stored with manufacture labels. ****Green Cleaning products available upon customer request.

Chandeliers And Other Highly Breakable Items will be Cleaned AND Polished with special care and attention.