General Cleaning Tips

  • Always carefully read that labels of your cleaning products.
    This can save you a lot of time Time and Money.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning pads to clean plastic or stainless steel.This can permanently leave scratches.
  • Never put any micro fiber towels in dryer.
    It will ruin their ability to clean well, and it makes the fibers uncomfortable to touch.
  • Re-use dusting cloth over and over again.
    The natural build up in the cloth is great for the proper use, and never wash your dusting cloth that you have use polish or any oils with any other towels, it will ruin your wash load. Throw them away or wash separately.
  • Start cleaning from top of room then work your way down.
  • Take all of your cleaning supplies to each room with a cleaning bucket.
  • Always sweep or vacuum wood and tile/stone floors before mopping.
  • Dust frequently to keep dust from building up.

Do You Know?

Stainless Steel polish could be harmful to your health?
Yes, most protective metal conditioners are made out of petroleum products. Make sure to read all product supplied literature. Note all health hazards.

Most mirror/window cleaners with ammonia can harm the silver lining behind your mirrors?
Yes, any window cleaning products that contain ammonia will break down the silver behind your mirrors; the black corrosion you see in the seams is caused by ammonia. WE RECOMMEND a full line of our Company’s choice of cleaning products that are safe, easy, and aligned with the green way of cleaning. Visit the cleaning products page and see what you may need. *We also offer training to you or for your staff.

You can use a razor blade as a daily cleaning tool.
Yes for stubborn food on countertops from last nights dinner, a wet dishcloth and just a swipe of a blade your food is removed with out any harsh environmentally UN friendly products.